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01. Erik Gustaf Eriksson, b. 1868

02. Karl Johan Andersson Broberg, b. 1873, from Brobacken, Immetorp & Erik Gustaf Eriksson, b. 1868. They where cousins.

03. The brothers Karl Johan, Gustaf and Anders Karlsson from Utterbäck

04. Karl Johan Karlsson (or Charlie Carlson) Same as in 03.

05. Back line from left: Olof Gustaf Olsson from Sibbo, unknown lady, Karl Johan Andersson Broberg from Brobacken.
Front line from left: Maria Ulrika Björndahl from Sibbo, Anna Cecilia Lundquist from Hjälmseryd (F) and Erik Gustaf Eriksson.

06. Olof Gustaf Olsson from Sibbo

07. Maria Ulrika Björndahl from Sibbo
See 52

08. Anna Cecilia Lundquist from Hjälmseryd (F)

09. Anders Karlsson from Utterbäck and his wife Hilma Elida Johnsson from S.Råda.

10. The brothers Karl Johan, Anders and Gustaf Karlsson from Utterbäck, Augusta Anderson from Lindsborg, Kansas, unknown, unknown.

11. Karl Viktor Karlsson from Brickegården (Fältet)

12. Anders Karlsson from Utterbäck.

13. Tilda Bergman (Mrs. Ivar Anderson)

14. To the right, Tilda Bergman and Friends.

15. Gustaf Karlsson from Utterbäck.

16. The Forsmans: Kristina Bergman b. 1872, Carl Johan Bernard b. 1895, and Bernhard b. 1864.

17. Frans Oskar Jansson from the grounds of Bricke-  gården.

18. Frans Oskar Jansson from the grounds of Bricke-  gården.

19. Karl Viktor Karlsson from Fältet and his wife Matilda Sofia Andersson from Höreda sn.

20. Ellen Olson and Esther Olson (married Storer)

21. Erik Olsson from Sibbo (not emigrated)

22. Same as 21.

23. Filip Olsson from Sibbo

24. Filip Olsson from Sibbo

25. Erik Johan Karlsson from Sibbo and his wife Emma Kristina Fagerström from Linköping.

26. Same as 25

27. Gustaf Bäckström b. 1859 and Lotten b. 1864 (returned to Sweden).

28. The Bäckströms and son Hennig b. 1898.

29. Karl Johan Andersson Broberg and his mother Lovisa Gustavsdotter from Brobacken. (Lovisa used her husband´s name Jansson on some occasions).

30. Emma Kristina Fagerström (Mrs. John Carlson) and Augusta Anderson (Mrs. Gust Larson).

31. Karl Johan Andersson Broberg

32. Same as 31.

33. Unknown. (Photo was from Cambridge, Minnesota)

34. Karl Olsson from Sibbo

35. Unknown

36. Same as 16, The Forsmans with the addition of daughter Hilda. Bernhard, Carl, Kristina (Bergman) & Hilda.

37. Unknown

38. Unknown

39. Unknown. (photo were from Worcester, Massachusets).

40. Unknown. (photo were from Worcester, Massachusets).

41. Unknown

42. Unknown

43. Unknown

44. Unknown

45. Nils Nilsson, son-in-law of spinning wheel maker Anders Olsson in Gluggängen.

46. Unknown

47. Unknown

48. Unknown

49. Kristina Johanna Olsson from Sibbo

50. Unknown

51. Unknown

52. Kristina Matilda Björndahl from Sibbo
See no 7

53. Unknown

54. Unknown

55. Ida Maria Karlsson from Brickegården

56. Unknown

57. Unknown

58. Unknown

59. Unknown

60. Lovisa Josefina Andersdotter from Brobacken

61. Unknown

62. Unknown

63. Jan Nilsson and Karolina Nilsdotter from Brickegården, parents to Frans Oskar Jansson and grandparents to Karl Johan Andersson Broberg and Lovisa Josefina Andersdotter.